advances in mental heath and addictions treatment center

Advances in Mental Health and Addictions Treatment Center is a separate program that we offer that caters to the needs of clients requiring more than just regular counseling sessions. We serve adults and adolescents, with condition-specific programs designed to incorporate the client's family in the healing process.

We treat the entire person, not just a particular symptom. Each program combines both group and individual therapy. Our programs are further designed to treat the specific conditions that are present. We offer programs for eating disorders, mental health, chemical dependency, and various addictions, with separate programs for adults and adolescents.


We are proud to offer a comprehensive IOP program that has been certified as meeting the rigorous treatment and quality standards established by CARF International and the California Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs

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The program features both intensive outpatient and day treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
The IOP program is 15 weeks long and is conducted in an outpatient setting. Attendance is 5 sessions per week initially, three hours a day. We offer day and evening programs to work around school or work schedules. The program provides maximum therapeutic impact, while requiring minimum time away from work, family, and other positive responsibilities and activities.

Day Treatment Program
Our Day Treatment program features a coordinated treatment plan that is more concentrated and focused then traditional outpatient care. Day Treatment Program clients return home every evening so that they can maintain the important links to family and community. Our structured format provides both medical and medication monitoring plus therapeutic groups and activities.

Eating Disorders Program
We offer an eating disorder program that offers both day treatment and an intensive outpatient program, serving both adults and adolescents. Our programs serve clients who are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge or compulsive eating or disordered eating. Eating disorders are complex psychological, behavioral and medical syndromes. To obtain a strong and healthy recovery is difficult. All three of these areas must be addressed for treatment to be effective. We offer a multi-displinary approach which has been proven to be the most successful in treating eating disorders.